The Modern CLO Playbook: How to Develop Training and Development Strategies That Stick

4 February 2019

The Patriots are Super Bowl champions, thanks largely to the successful game plan their coaches designed for the big game and the cohesive...

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How to Smoothly Integrate a New Sales Methodology Using Microlearning

28 January 2019

Is your organization implementing a new sales methodology?

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Why Sales Enablement Programs Fail to Gain Traction or Produce Results

7 December 2018

Sales enablement plays a pivotal role in driving better outcomes from sales teams, namely by supporting sales reps with mastering key...

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Do’s and Don’ts to Sustaining Sales Kick-off Momentum

13 November 2018

Here’s a scenario that’s familiar to most organizations: sales management and enablement leaders gather sales team (new hires and veterans alike)...

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Choosing the Metrics that Matter in Sales Enablement Planning

31 October 2018

According to the 2017 Sales Enablement Optimization Study by CSO Insights, 75 percent of sales enablement projects fail, either because of unclear...

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How to Plan a Sustainable Sales Enablement Program

31 October 2018

Looking at sales enablement program success rates can be discouraging. Only 34% of organizations report successful achievement of the majority or...

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Fast Track Sales Onboarding with Microlearning

9 October 2018

Sales onboarding is one of the most integral aspects to building a stellar sales team, but new research from the Sales Management Association...

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7 Signs Your Sales Onboarding Program is Ready for a Refresh

27 September 2018

The  Sales Management Association (SMA) recently completed a study on sales onboarding that revealed only 38 percent of organizations consider...

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Onboarding 101: Master the 10 Core Skills of a Sales High Performer through Microlearning

11 September 2018

Let’s face it, selling is getting harder and burnout is rampant. Sales processes are complex — particularly in B2B sales — and sales teams and...

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Cold Calling Is Dead, and Other Sales Prospecting Myths – Busted!

5 February 2018

Most sellers we know seem to have a love-hate relationship with prospecting. But even those sellers who enjoy, and are relatively successful...

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