Corporate learning and development (L&D) programs are receiving increased attention as organizations realign their people strategy with their growth strategy. As these expenses increase to an estimated $130 billion globally, learning leaders are under added pressure to show the return on investment of their L&D programs.

Despite growing expense and higher pressures faced by chief learning officers (CLOs), Deloitte reports that only 5% of organizations believe they have mastered the content and technological capabilities needed to make online learning an accessible and compelling experience.

That reminds me of the old adage that you can’t master what you can’t measure, which is the inspiration for this eBook. Quite simply, how can learning and business leaders evaluate employee development programs without a solid set of metrics? How do they know if teams have the capabilities to meet future organizational goals?

And, perhaps most importantly, how can they prove the ROI of their L&D programs?

Download Now: How to Quantify the Value of Corporate L&D Programs

At Qstream, we work with companies across complex and highly regulated industries and job functions that are committed to fostering a culture of development and growth for their workers. This culture goes beyond nice-to-have or mandated training and is based on the idea that learning programs should continually drive performance, engagement, and career growth.

In order to do that, our belief — and that of our clients —  is that learning programs need to be structured and delivered in a way that generates meaningful behavior change for lasting results — and having the metrics to prove it.

In this eBook, we will:

  • Explain inherent barriers to proving ROI of learning programs.
  • Encourage L&D professionals to reconsider learning metrics and ROI measures.
  • Demonstrate how best-practice microlearning improves employee proficiency and impacts performance.
  • Describe how to build an effective learning business case for the C-suite audience and show the ROI of your L&D programs.

Our hope is that this eBook, How to Quantify the Value of Corporate L&D Programs, inspires business and learning leaders to rethink and re-engineer their approach to L&D programs to drive better organizational performance.


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