The business of corporate learning (and the technology that supports it) is undergoing significant change. That pace of change will accelerate in 2020.

Learning leaders strive to enhance their knowledge reinforcement programs with the next best strategies and technologies, which makes now the ideal time to reflect on your learning and development programs and evaluate how it performed this year. What went well? Where is there room for improvement? What is an area that requires more investment in the years ahead? 

To keep your knowledge reinforcement programs agile and relevant, it is important to stay focused on the emerging trends of learning technology which support and enable cutting-edge learning and development. Knowing when to capitalize on emerging learning platforms and technologies to keep learners inspired and engaged with their knowledge reinforcement initiatives is critical for success.

We have an upcoming webcast with The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) on December 3, which will discuss the opportunity to embrace proven emerging technologies to propel L&D forward, exploring three main topics:

  1. The state of L&D in 2019 and what changes are expected to accelerate next year
  2. Learner expectations and how to meet and exceed expectations to strengthen the employee/employer relationship
  3. Seven technology-driven microlearning trends that promise to shape learning programs in the next decade

This webinar will provide L&D best practices for the year ahead as well as offer insights on how to approach the learning and development landscape in the new decade. To claim your spot, register for the webinar here.Register Here

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