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Qstream is recognized for its ability to drive high learner engagement: providing organizations with a mechanism that successfully engages people so that they pay attention in a learning exercise to begin with. Engagement in learning becomes continuous by including strong gamification capabilities. In a recent award by CIOReview, Qstream was recognized as a Leading 2020 Gamification Solution Provider and stated gamification as a leading factor for improving and maintaining engagement throughout corporate learning programs by including game mechanics to foster competition (e.g., individual and team leaderboards). 

Qstream not only improves demonstrated individual proficiency gain but also team proficiency gain. The team component to learning is particularly valuable, which contributed strongly to Qstream recognition in Training Industry 2020 Top Sales Training Company. Sales teams, competitive by nature, use Qstream to motivate sales reps towards achieving a certification of required skill level on critical topics, which is proven to be far more effective than traditional learning methods. As a result, long-term knowledge retention is attained for an entire cohort of learners. It has been seen as an effective style of learning in knowledge-intensive industries like life sciences because learning data captured from programs to show that the learner has retained the information and can apply those skills on the job.

Qstream Self-Enrollment: Enhance the Power of Your Qstream Catalog Offerings

Now, in addition to the competitive power of running a Qstream as a cohort, more organizations are setting up their Qstream catalog for users to access knowledge on an on-demand basis. The self-enrollment model permits individuals who are interested in their organization’s Qstream microlearning catalog to access any microlearning course to build their knowledge and skills across a range of topics.

This is particularly valuable in situations such as the following:

  • Upskilling and reskilling: using the microlearning Qstream library to increase proficiency levels in the skills the business needs today, and those emerging skills people will need tomorrow.
  • Off-Cycle Microlearning: if someone joined the team last month or someone else was on vacation during the original Qstream program – those team members who missed a program can self-enroll and supplement their missing knowledge using the same spaced learning settings to deliver knowledge without distracting them from their day.
  • Career Development: provide Qstream microlearning to curious people who want to learn and build their career.
  • Performance Improvement: provide the access to a set of Qstream microlearning topics that a person can use to increase their performance in their current role.
Building a Qstream Catalog

The Qstream catalog is a powerful tool to provide more learning opportunities and expand the value of your investment in microlearning content creation. Some Qstream content has a relatively short shelf-life such as content specific to reinforcing an in-person training session but most Qstream content has extended value. Qstream recently produced the Qstream Content Development Webinar Series and a blog post discussing, Designing the Best Microlearning Content, the replays are all available online:

When a learner visits the site, they will be able to view all the courses available for self-enrollment and browse course offerings.  

Qstream Skills Catalog

This has been a capability that was highly requested by Qstream customers so if you have any questions about adding this to your Qstream deployment, please don’t hesitate to contact your Client Services representative.

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