In the highly regulated pharma industry, every interaction matters. With Qstream’s advanced two-way integration with Veeva CRM, announced today, pharma sales teams can now leverage data insights to better measure, manage and coach the performance of their reps.

Powerful Analytics Link Capabilities to Performance

Used by 60% of the globe’s medical sales reps to improve collaboration with healthcare professionals, Veeva CRM helps organizations deliver more relevant, tailored information to physicians. This is particularly critical as reps often have just minutes to demonstrate value on a specific call or office visit. Pharma sales teams have long benefited from Qstream’s clinically proven approach, ensuring their reps have the knowledge, skills, and behaviors needed to move beyond features and benefits discussions to a more patient-centric approach.

Now, with the new integration, sales, training and commercial excellence executives can leverage native dashboards and reports to correlate Qstream data with Veeva data, and instantly identify links between Qstream-measured proficiency and engagement insights, and the Veeva KPIs they use to manage their business every day. By supplementing CRM data with relevant proficiency and engagement scores from Qstream, managers can get a predictive, real-time view of sales performance by individual, team or region.

Combine Veeva CRM performance indicators with Qstream data to get a critical, real-time view of a sales team capabilities.

From within Veeva CRM, organizations can benefit from:

  • Integrated Experience: Reps respond to daily Qstream challenges from within their familiar Veeva CRM environment. Front-line managers can also access the Qstream Coaching Hub, including sales fluency heat maps, targeted coaching actions, competency observations and ratings, and optional video scenarios submitted by their team.
  • Reporting and Dashboards: Combining Veeva CRM data with a real-time view of medical sales capabilities helps transform how Veeva is used to manage and measure sales performance and activity.
  • Coaching and Enrollment Triggers: Customer-defined, conditional rules initiate targeted coaching actions and automate enrollment in Qstream challenges to provide additional development support.
  • Role Hierarchy Synchronization: Organizations can reduce time spent keeping reporting lines up to date, which streamlines system management at scale.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO): Participants and managers log-in just once to access Veeva and Qstream concurrently, improving engagement with both systems, and strengthening enterprise IT security controls.

Enabling a Patient-Centric Approach

With the pharma industry’s shift to patient-centric growth, sales teams need ongoing training and development to re-shape the way they engage with physicians and other health care professionals. The Qstream-Veeva CRM integration makes this effort possible at scale by providing sales management with a predictive, real-time view of what their reps are prepared to bring to every physician interaction.

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