Sales enablement leaders face many challenges when it comes to addressing the needs of their sales teams in the fast-paced global economy. With a constantly shifting playing field, even the largest sales organizations need to continually adapt to thrive.

The 2016 Sales Enablement Optimization Study by CSO Insights highlights the scope of changes impacting today’s sales forces. With information in abundance and readily available, customers come to the table highly educated, with equally high expectations. In response, the competition has become more prepared and knowledgeable. The heightened competition, combined with rapid technological advances, is creating reduced product lifecycles, forcing sales teams to be adaptable to changing sales messages at an ever-faster pace.

These change factors - customer expectations, competition, product complexity, technology advances, new product introductions – dictate that sales enablement leaders must serve as catalysts for change. Consider then, the additional challenge that large global enterprises face with their deployment and adoption of new solutions designed to help manage that change. Enterprise environments are inherently complex, with multiple sites, regions, languages, regulations and in-depth sales hierarchy structures. To be “global-ready” requires an entirely new set of additional requirements.

As a sales enablement leader, you want to focus your energies on increasing sales results and productivity, not on the ability of your vendors to support the over-arching requirements of the enterprise. You must therefore deploy solutions that are: scalable, purpose-built, and offer seamless enterprise integration.

Built to Scale

Qstream is built from the ground up with an infrastructure that includes multiple redundancies to ensure ultimate reliability and scale during peak usage times. With automated user administration and SSO support, Qstream also supports user management hierarchies and roles that are created and managed via synchronization with third-party systems, such as The ability to scale is enhanced with the mobile functionality and convenience required by today’s modern sales force. Qstream runs in any iOS, Android or Windows desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile environment via Qstream’s native app, web mail, or from within


Large enterprises need purpose-built, easily configurable solutions; off-the-shelf software will not suffice. Qstream provides substantial control over the Qstream site settings, including privacy settings, moderator controls, welcome messages and content review processes. Easy-to-use tools let site administrators quickly customize the look and feel of their Qstream site, adding logos, tag lines and modifying notification email settings. Advanced branding options are also available.

Full Unicode support lets you deploy Qstream in 18 languages out of the box, including English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish and more.

Enterprise Integration

To ensure that Qstream works in lockstep with other systems, the Qstream API can integrate with external systems to automate tasks like user enrollment, or share performance data with an LMS. Qstream works seamlessly within and Veeva CRM, enabling your reps to access their challenges and dashboards from directly within Data-level integration lets system administrators easily combine sales KPIs with Qstream proficiency and engagement data for a more predictive view of sales performance.

Support for single sign-on (SSO) technologies, including Active Directory, Okta,, and LDAP, centralizes Qstream access control within common IT security policies and eliminates the need for additional login credentials.

Enterprise Readiness in Action

To aggressively compete, you need an enterprise-ready solution that subscribes to these three tenets and provides global support. Qstream, for example, has 400+ customers in life sciences, financial services, technology and healthcare across the globe, which works out to approximately 300,000 total end users in 175 countries participating in Qstream challenges.

What does that look like for an enterprise company? One global life sciences company has deployed Qstream in over 40 countries with close to 3,000 medical sales reps using Qstream for product knowledge, compliance alignment and messaging behavior. With Qstream’s easy-to-use interface and mobile convenience, their average engagement is over 95%.

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