As we close the book on 2016, we thought it was the right time to take a look at the blog posts and sales enablement topics that our readers loved most this year.  Scanning the titles there were definitely some popular and consistent themes, namely coaching, as well as the application of data insights to enable a more measurable, results-driven sales development strategy.

In case you missed them, here's a quick Top 10 list. Enjoy, and we look forward to bringing you more engaging content in 2017!

  1.   Sales Reps Do What They Are Coached To Do (Not What They Are Trained To Do)
  2.   You Need a Sales Coaching Strategy. And You’re Not Alone.
  3.   When Building Your Sales Stack, If There’s One Thing You Shouldn’t Overlook, It’s This 
  4.   The 7 Deadly Sins of Sales Coaching
  5.   The Millennials Are Coming! Is Your Sales Enablement Program Ready?
  6.   Do Your Sales Managers Have the Data They Need to Be Effective Coaches?
  7.   Solving the Six-Figure Problem Within Your Sales Organization
  8.   6 Questions to Ask Before Developing Your Sales Competencies
  9.   The Extraordinary Upside of Engagement and Purpose in Patient-centric Selling
  10.   What High-Performing Sales Reps Really Want (And What Pushes Them Out the Door!)

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