Until now, sales coaching has not received the attention it deserves, the proverbial “middle child” of sales enablement. In fact, 77% of firms surveyed for a study released earlier this year said they don’t provide enough coaching to their salespeople. This, despite the fact that implementing a coaching program optimized for quality and quantity can help grow revenue up to 16.7% faster. So many potential wins lost.

Why the lack of focus on coaching? The study also reveals the average salesperson to sales manager ratio is roughly 6:1, meaning many managers don’t have the time to conduct quality coaching sessions – and often lack the skill.

We’re solving for that with the introduction of Coaching Hub™, a solution that delivers data-driven insights to create more meaningful and targeted coaching experiences.

Too often, coaching is simply conducted “by the numbers” and doesn’t address the human capabilities that drive deals. Coaching Hub allows enterprises to maximize their Salesforce.com investments by using our mobile, science-based approach to quantify and manage what’s innately human about selling – sales people.  It equips sales teams for the interactions buyers demand – including situational fluency that cannot be achieved through machine learning, prescribed content, or algorithms.

With Coaching Hub, organizations can use real-time data to streamline the management of sales competency frameworks through a combination of proficiency and engagement metrics, observed sales competencies, and confidence ratings at the rep or team level.

data driven coaching

Sales teams will now have access to:

  • Customer-defined Salesforce.com triggers that initiate targeted coaching actions and automate user enrollment in Qstream challenges based on conditional rules, such as a change in a deal stage or sales KPI.
  • Graphical coaching activity timelines that track all interactions between the frontline manager or sales coach and the rep, including coaching actions, private observations, and coaching messages with associated coaching actions.
  • Data-driven manager dashboards that allow sales coaches to more quickly target and prioritize 1:1 coaching plans and identify team-wide knowledge or behavior gaps to address them faster – at scale.
  • Out-of-the-box proficiency and engagement reports that enable granular capabilities data to be correlated with CRM metrics for a predictive view of sales team performance in a Salesforce.com Lightning-ready interface.

With these capabilities, we effectively arm sales reps with the skills they need for successful client interactions, increasing their competency and confidence, while giving managers access to data that lets them know if their reps have what it takes to achieve forecast goals and deliver on revenue expectations.

Interested in learning more about Qstream? Visit us at Dreamforce in the Cloud Expo at booth #446 or request a demo.

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