As pharmaceutical markets mature, sales and marketing executives are tasked to discover new ways of achieving greater profitability and success. With competition driving the need for change, so too are companies outside of the industry such as Google, Apple and others creating a sea change of technological innovation.

Together, these two forces are not only setting new trends in customer experience and focus on patient care, but also facilitating a massive shift from mass-market to target-market revenue growth strategies. More than any other industry, pharma executives seek to understand how digital technologies, new selling models and commercial excellence practices will drive their markets forward.

At the heart of these new strategies, however, is the changing role of the medical sales rep. With eroding access to healthcare professionals and online channels available for doctors to acquire the product knowledge they seek, the opportunity exists for reps to play a far more relevant role – participating in conversations highly valued by physicians, such as those related to new research and patient outcomes.

In just more than a week, leading minds from pharmaceutical giants such as Celgene, Novartis, Merck and Genzyme will come together at Allan Lloyds Pharma Commercial and Sales Force Effectiveness Summit in Berlin, Germany, to discuss strategies for optimizing the success of their medical sales teams in the new technological landscape. Qstream is pleased to be sponsoring this conference, alongside our partner Viseven.

Viseven is a leading provider of intelligent digital communication solutions with a cloud-based platform designed for life sciences industry communication. “The days when a medical representative carried a stack of papers to visit pharmacists or physicians are long gone, ” says Nataliya Andreychuk, Viseven CEO. “Nowadays, everything is much easier, with all materials and instructions stored on one portable device with access to the relevant information, and unique digital solutions help the rep to present products in the most favorable light.”

The Viseven and eWizard platforms will be empowered by Qstream’s sales performance platform, which engages sales teams in sales-scenario challenge competitions they enjoy –and delivers the predictive, real-time insights that sales managers and coaches depend on to build medical sales teams with the sales, product and clinical knowledge that matter most.

Louella Morton, VP of International Sales and General Manager at Qstream, is speaking on the first day of the Berlin event, and will look at how mobile devices can play a crucial role in the engagement, motivation and knowledge base of medical sales teams. “More and more we hear that pharma companies want to drive market share while working in a patient-centric manner, so it is very interesting that where Qstream is used in healthcare environments, patient-outcomes improve, and when Qstream is used for improving therapy area knowledge in pharma, market share improves. I am looking forward to discussing with attendees in Berlin the advances in neuroscience, sales performance and mobile technology which can help them achieve similar success with their sales teams.”

Nataliya from Viseven is also happy to give us an advance glimpse of what she’ll be covering in Berlin. "This year we are presenting the intelligent digital communication solutions which unites all the stakeholders – patients, pharmaceutical companies and agencies in one digital eco-system. We are confident that together with Qstream we can present a complete system of multichannel interaction, development and efficient collaboration."

For more information, visit Qstream and Viseven at Allan Lloyds Pharma Commercial and Sales Force Effectiveness Summit, October 6-8, 2015, or contact Qstream today.


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