SDL 23% increaseBased in Maidenhead, England, SDL employs over 3, 500 people worldwide and is a leader provider of global customer experience management software. With the latest version of their product, SDL Studio 2015, executives knew how critically important it was to ensure that the sales team was comfortable with new product features prior to release.

To ensure launch success, they were especially eager to find an effective way to reinforce key messages and product details at scale. Moreover, they needed a solution well designed to fit into the busy schedules of their sales managers without disrupting selling time.

The SDL team quickly deployed Qstream’s mobile sales reinforcement solution. Using any device, SDL's business development representatives responded to sales-scenario Q&A challenges followed by explanations highlighting important aspects of the new product features and benefits. Embedded social mechanics delivered an experience for SDL’s sales managers that was fun and engaging as they competed for points on the leader board based on responses.

An onboard analytics engine simultaneously provided sales management with real-time snapshots of performance, engagement and proficiency gains. Sales fluency heat maps and manager dashboards instantly identified knowledge gaps where individuals required further support and coaching prior to launch.

SDL was delighted with Qstream’s ease of use, and unprecedented 95% engagement rate. There was overwhelming positive feedback from the sales team, who found the system very helpful in preparing them for successful customer interactions.

In just seven weeks with Qstream, SDL achieved a 23% increase in product message proficiency across the global team.

To learn more about how Qstream can help your sales organization, request a demo today.

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