For Exactech, a leading provider of bone and joint restoration products, the company’s domestic sales channel is critical to selling its advanced orthopaedic systems to physicians and hospitals. Given the competitive dynamics of their high-growth market, Exactech's company leadership needed to ensure mastery of product features and benefits within their sales channel, while gaining a greater understanding of potential performance gaps, and revenue impact, across multiple territories.

Exactech deployed Qstream for their independent sales channel at the company’s annual sales kick-off in early 2015. Using Qstream, Exactech reps responded to short, scenario-based sales challenges pushed to their mobile device every few days. Game mechanics and leaderboard competitions across teams helped maintain high levels of engagement while reinforcing Exactech’s key competitive differentiators.

Exactech chose Qstream for its unique ability to engage and motivate its domestic sales force, while reinforcing the selling skills that matter most. “We’ve been quite impressed with Qstream and its mobile approach. In just minutes a day, Qstream helps Exactech reps prepare for the dynamic, value-added conversations that differentiate our company and clinically recognized knee system with our surgeon partners, ” said Joseph Pizzurro, Director of Marketing at Exactech.

“Among Qstream’s key differentiators is its one-of-a-kind Predictive Insights Engine. Real-time data and reports, combined with increased rep feedback, have enabled us to quickly adapt our approach to sales management to enhance critical selling skills, ” added Pizzurro.

Qstream’s onboard communication tools make it easy for managers to reach out to specific reps or the entire group directly from the dashboard. For example, the program identified that the sales force was having difficulty with a technical product concept. The management team quickly created a separate Qstream that broke the concept down into multiple parts, making it easier to master. By being proactive, Exactech was able to improve its channel team’s product knowledge and selling skills, while removing barriers to accelerating sales growth across all regions.

The result? Using Qstream, Exactech’s baseline channel sales proficiency increased from 79% to 90% in just seven weeks. Engagement among those reps who attended the sales kickoff reached 85%, and based on post-event surveys, 98% have requested ongoing use of Qstream.

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