athenahealth is a leading provider of cloud-based services and mobile tools for medical groups and health systems. An award-winning company recognized for its innovative workplace environment and fast growth in the red-hot health IT market, athenahealth serves more than 59, 000 health care providers nationwide.

The company, working with Qstream partner Force Management, needed to drive both message consistency and retention of pivotal healthcare market concepts to meet its revenue goals. athenahealth engaged Force Management to support this effort utilizing its Command of the Message® program. Through the program, Force helps clients engage in more consultative sales conversations via a unique Value Messaging Framework. This Framework helps sales teams articulate the value and differentiation of solutions in a way that impacts the buying criteria and sets the stage for solid business justification.

Following the Force Management workshops, athenahealth reps used Qstream to respond to brief scenario-based selling challenges pushed to their mobile device twice a week. Built-in game mechanics engaged reps and dynamic leader boards sparked the team’s inherent competitive instincts, all while driving more customer-savvy selling behaviors long after the classroom training engagements were complete.

Using Qstream’s Predictive Insights Engine, responses to the product challenges were automatically synthesized into powerful management insights, showing:

  • 100% engagement across the enrolled sales team, with 97% retiring all questions
  • Improvement in core message proficiency from 67% on first presentation to 97% on second attempt

“The Qstream-powered solution really helped us to assure consistency and retention of several pivotal concepts introduced in Force Management’s unique Command program – knowledge that helps our sales reps to improve close rates and accelerate sales growth, ” said Bob Hueber, Vice President of Sales Development at athenahealth. “Sales reps are a tough audience to please, but with Qstream we drove a dramatic improvement in core selling skills and knowledge while making everyone participate and love it.  We see many ongoing applications for this powerful approach.”









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