Do you know what your reps say on a sales call? It’s kind of scary to think about, isn’t it? Based on the latest Qstream data, we found that over one-third of sales reps aren’t prepared. Yikes! Here’s the thing: your reps aren’t dumb. They’re super smart; after all, that’s why you hired them. But changes in today’s buyer behavior are leaving huge gaps in reps’ knowledge and understanding; the sort that wins deals. So now what?

Let’s look at the big picture, here. It’s not just about reps forgetting. At the heart of the matter, we’re trying to change their behavior. But how? Sure, you’ve invested big bucks on training. How’s that working out for you? It probably feels like a waste, as reps walk away from your quarterly sales meeting all fired up, yet lose momentum quickly. Part of the reason is that the human brain isn’t built to recall the information dump that typically occurs at these 2- or 3-day meetings. In fact, people forget 79% of what they learn in just days or months.

Harvard research shows that the best way to fix this “forgetting curve” comes in repeating the one-two punch of interval reinforcement and active recall. With repetition over short periods of time, there is a huge impact: increased knowledge retention of up to 170%. (Win!)

I bet you’re into numbers. We are too! Here’s the data we’ve collected, from analyzing 240, 000 responses to Qstream challenges answered by sales reps in various industries. This infographic features key findings that can’t be ignored. It points to the fact that changing behavior is possible by presenting critical information in a simple, engaging way and reinforcing it over time.

Qstream helps some of the world’s largest companies transform their ordinary sales reps into rock stars. Take a look for yourself, and think about how we could help you.

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