We're proud to partner with sales performance efficiency leaders who use the Qstream platform in a variety of specialized applications. In this inaugural Partner Profile we spotlight Richardson, a global sales training and performance improvement company that helps leading organizations drive sales results.

Just named to the 2013 Top 20 Sales Training Companies list published by Selling Power magazine, Richardson has provided sales performance improvement and training solutions to its clients for over 33 years. Since last year Richardson has offered its clients a Qstream-powered application which it brands as QuickCheck™.

A newly published Richardson case study documents the impact that Qstream technology can have on sales teams. One of Richardson’s clients, a large manufacturer in the life sciences industry with sales in more than 100 countries, had a sales management team with the classic dilemma -- their sales reps begin to forget what they have learned as soon as they leave sales training.

This time, the manufacturer used the Qstream-powered application to keep their sales reps engaged and thinking about the information they had been presented long after the training was completed. Richardson’s experts worked with the client to devise a series of multiple choice questions to be sent to sales reps several times per week via the Qstream technology in QuickCheck. The results:

1)     Some 80% of reps were actively using the QuickCheck tool to keep key messages and skills top of mind in the first round. More than 95% of reps kept up on a weekly basis in the second round. That level of engagement might not be achieved if not for the ease and relevance of Qstream’s solution.

2)     Leaderboards added an aspect of competition.

3)     A scoreboard on rep performance provided invaluable sales performance insights to sales managers. Now managers could see what to coach, to whom – and thus gained an opportunity to support reps proactively.

When organizations spend money to train their sales reps, they need it to stick, which is increasingly a challenge in today’s information overloaded world. Equally important, sales managers need a clear understanding of a rep's true capabilities and understanding in order to guide them. Qstream is proud to provide its solutions to Richardson and, through Richardson’s QuickCheck application, to help the training be retained and drive sales performance insights that in turn propel organizational success.

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